Comprehensive solutions for explosion protection of the food industry

Protection against dust explosions during storage and processing of bulk ingredients
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A significant segment of combustible dust incidents occur at:

  • sugar mill and refinery plants,
  • confectionery works,
  • bread-baking plants,
  • mill houses,
  • food production lines, the ingredients of which are flour, sugar, coffee, tea, rice, grits, spices, milk powder, starch, malt, etc.

During the processing particles of bulk materials are dispersed in the air and create a dust-air mixture with explosive concentrations of combustible dust.

The occurrence of an ignition source near such an explosive mixture results in an explosion that can have a devastating effect on equipment and pose a health hazard to employees.

The main technological processes associated with the hazard of potentially explosive environment occurrence:

– transportation of bulk free-flowing ingredients (pneumatic or mechanical systems);
– dust-collection systemsexhaust processes (cyclone separators, filter units, etc.);
– storage and dosage of free-flowing materials (silos, bunkers, scales, etc.);
– mechanical separation of materials and ingredients (mills, crushers, etc.).

Solutions for the safety of your production


A turnkey explosion protection system for industrial food production equipment

The whole range of works on the explosion protection of your production starting from the analysis of the explosion hazard of the object to the integration and commissioning of the explosion protection system.

Explosion protection of dust-collection systems

Solution for production safety in the event of an explosion of the venting filter by reducing the pressure of the explosion inside the filter and isolating the explosion from adjacent equipment.


Explosion protection of pneumatic transport systems

Systems for production safety and explosion prevention in adjacent pieces of equipment using an HRD barrier or a GATEX quick-acting slide valve.

Explosion protection of vessels and silos

Explosion protection solution for bunkers, silos and other vessels by pressure venting and explosion suppression, as well as protection of related equipment by explosion isolation.


Explosion Protection Documents (EPD)

An expert explosion safety audit of your production for compliance with ATEX standards and industry standards.

An expert explosion safety audit of your production for compliance with ATEX standards and industry standards.

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