Dust explosion protection in Europe
  • Our engineers are trained and certified by RSBP and carry out the entire range of support work on their equipment. The customer receives service support for installed explosion protection systems of the same quality as from the manufacturer. The customer does not overpay for the travel costs of the Czech specialists.
  • We offer a service for explosion protection systems from RSBP spol. s r. o. as an official distributor of their products.
сервисное обслуживание

ATEX.CENTER ensures a prompt response to requests from owners of hazardous facilities due to its geographical proximity.

Explosion protection systems are technically complex equipment with its own set frequency and scope of mandatory maintenance work. The operator company does not always have qualified staff who can carry out such activities.

ATEX directives lay down requirements for safe operation (ATEX 153) and the safe operation of equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX 114). In addition, there are technical regulations (TR CU 012 / 2011) and national industrial safety legislation.

As a general rule, only qualified personnel, i.e. specially trained and certified in explosion protection, may operate explosion protection systems.

Service maintenance from ATEX.CENTER includes the following services:

  • periodic functional checks and equipment maintenance in accordance with RSBP regulations;
  • rapid restoration of systems and explosion protection devices in the event of failure;
  • handling warranty cases.


  • Ensure smooth operation of the system

  • Guarantee compliance with equipment regulations

  • Minimise service costs

  • Expert technical solutions in the field of ATEX


  • Our engineers respond promptly to unscheduled system check requests and warranty cases. We are responsible for the state of RSBP security systems at the customer's premises.
  • Our engineers keep a record of maintenance work for each customer and give advance notice of service times.
  • We will provide you with a report on the performance of the explosion protection systems following each inspection.
  • The most important result is your equipment in good working order and your safe production.


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