Dust explosion protection in Europe
  • We offer consultations from ATEX experts on explosion protection of equipment. Our experts have been trained and certified by the manufacturer of an explosion protection system with 30 years of experience - the Czech company RSBP spol. s r. o.
  • We also assist with the selection of technical solutions for equipment aspiration, transport, storage and processing of raw materials, supply and installation of technological equipment. Check out our completed projects to make sure about the qualifications of ATEX.CENTER's experts.
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The technical specialists at the operating company are not always familiar with the details of selecting explosion protection devices, or do not have the time to deal with them themselves. It is not possible to copy someone else's solutions as every production facility is individual.

The reality is that there are fewer explosion protection experts on the labour market than there are hazardous facilities in operation. Or it is not profitable for all companies to employ a specialist.

Failure to comply with mandatory explosion protection requirements or the wrong choice of equipment can lead to large-scale accidents with great destruction and loss of life. And, at the very least, the owner of a hazardous facility risks being fined by inspectors for failing to comply with the regulatory requirements of explosion safety standards:

  • ATEX 153 (directive 99/92/EC) — establishes the employer's obligations for explosion and fire protection in the workplace for the safety of persons;
  • IEC 60079-10-2:2015 — provides definitions of combustible dust and explosive dust environments and sets out the classification of explosive zones;
  • EN 1127-1-2014 - describes ignition sources;
  • ATEX 114 (2014/34/EU) - contains requirements for equipment for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres;
  • EN 1127-1:2007 - mandates the use of explosion protection systems in production facilities;
  • TR CU 012 / 2011 - establishes safety requirements for equipment in explosive atmospheres in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Our consultations provide the customer with assistance from ATEX experts in selecting suitable technical solutions for production, and advice on explosion protection control of equipment.

The customer does not have to waste time researching the requirements for explosion protection devices and industrial safety on his own. They get professional help as quickly as possible to ensure trouble-free operation. We are also always available to advise customers in preparation for a supervisory inspection.


  • Consultations on all aspects of explosion protection

  • Expert technical solutions in the ATEX field

  • Industrial safety consultancy

  • Support for explosion protection projects


  • The experts at ATEX.CENTER support the direct equipment manufacturer. This gives us the right to consult you on all ATEX-related matters and to assist you in managing the explosion protection of your company.
  • Technical solution options in cost-quality format.
  • Assessment of production compliance with mandatory requirements, suggestions for corrective action and process optimisation.
  • We can accompany your explosion protection project throughout its implementation: providing consultations, drafting or reviewing the project documentation, searching for and cooperating with contractors, monitoring the delivery of equipment and the quality of the work.



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