Explosion protection of metalworking industries

Get a technical solution on protection against dust explosions in metal processing and metal machining
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Metal dust explosions account for about 5% of all combustible dust incidents.

When machining metal, dust is liberated, which, mixing with air, forms an explosive dust air atmosphere. In most cases, dust formation is observed during the mechanical processing of metal surfaces:
– grinding,
– cutting;
– various types of abrasive processing.

In the automotive industry the most explosions capable are the productions of aluminium rims, light alloy components and brake systems.

The production of aluminium window frames also poses a danger.

CNC machines processing metal can be a source of explosive dusty atmosphere formation.

In metalworking industry the most dust explosion capable are enterprises that process aluminium and its alloys. The difference in the characteristics of organic dust with a decrease in dispersion can vary by tens of percent, while the characteristics of aluminium dust change by hundreds of percent. In general, the less the dispersion of metal dust, the more destructive the consequences of an explosion can be.

Solutions for the safety of your production


A turnkey explosion protection system for agricultural facilities

The whole range of works on the explosion protection of your production starting from the dust hazard analysis of the facilities to the integration and commissioning of the explosion protection system.

Explosion protection of bucket elevators

solution for the explosion protection of bucket elevators by reducing the pressure of the explosion and isolation it within the bucket elevator, which ensures the safety of personnel and the safety of process equipment in the event of an explosion.


Explosion protection of dust collection systems

Solution for production safety in the event of an explosion of the aspiration filter by reducing the pressure of the explosion inside the filter and isolating the explosion to adjacent equipment.

Explosion protection of pneumatic transport systems

Systems for production safety and explosion prevention in adjacent pieces of equipment using an HRD barrier or a GATEX quick-acting slide valve.


Explosion protection of vessels and silos

Explosion protection solution for bunkers, silos and other vessels by pressure venting and explosion suppression, as well as protection of related equipment by explosion isolation.

Explosion risk assessment (ATEX audit)

An expert explosion safety audit of your production for compliance with ATEX standards and industry standards.


Explosion Protection Documents (EPD)

Explosion protection documentation and development, dust hazard analysis studies with individual step-by-step assessment approach.

Our team has successful experience in explosion protection of vessels, dust-exhaustand pneumatic transport systems at production facilities. You can find more details about the projects in the Projects section.



Labour safety improvement, personnel life and health protection


Protection of property and process equipment from destruction


Elimination of long production downtimes


Damage and economic loss risks reduction

Do not risk your life because of the explosion of dust-air mixtures!

The consequences can be avoided.

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