Dust explosion protection in Europe

The flammability of wood pulp, pulp, paper, cardboard makes wood processing and pulp and paper industries some of the most explosive. Equipment in such plants has ideal conditions for explosions:

- Flammable wood dust;
- Oxygen;
- Source of rapid ignition (surfaces heated by friction, overheated bearings, static electricity discharges, electric welding work, metal parts falling on machines, etc.).





Explosive dust atmospheres can form in various woodworking production lines. An explosion can occur both in the area where the wood is processed and during material transport, e.g. on screw and belt conveyors. Explosive dust/air atmosphere is also generated during:

- Discharge of wood waste from woodworking plants;

- Grinding of wood products;

- Crushing and grinding of raw materials.


The greatest risk of explosion in such plants is associated with aspiration systems where explosive concentrations of combustible dusts are constantly observed. Depending on the nature of the organic dust and the configuration of the process equipment, different explosion protection systems for aspiration systems can be selected.

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  • Suppressing an explosion by early detection of an explosion and introducing an explosive suppressant into the equipment (HRD system).
  • Explosion suppression is the prevention of explosion propagation between connected pieces of equipment by introducing an explosive suppressant into the piping (HRD barrier).

  • Release of explosion by means of a device for releasing overpressure and explosion products into the environment - explosion vent (VMP explosion vent panels, FLEX flame arresters).
  • Explosion cut-off valve, triggered by overpressure and air flow and shutting off the piping between the connected pieces of equipment (B-flap).

Our team has a proven track record in explosion protection for aspiration systems in wood processing plants. You can find out more about our projects in the PROJECTS section.


  • Conform to MS GOST, ATEX, NFPA standards

  • Prevent an explosion of dust-air mixtures

  • Reduce risks and prevent losses from dust explosions

  • Approval of the explosion protection project from the supervisory authorities


  • 1

    Improving health and safety at work, protecting the lives and health of staff

  • 2

    Protecting property and process equipment from destruction

  • 3

    Avoiding long production stoppages

  • 4

    Reducing the risk of damage and economic loss

Solutions for the safety of your production

Turnkey explosion protection system for the timber, forestry and pulp and paper industries.

The complete Explosion Protection System for your plant - from hazard analysis to the integration and commissioning of your explosion protection system.

Turnkey explosion protection system for the timber, forestry and pulp and paper industries.

Explosion protection for aspiration systems

A solution for production safety in the event of an aspiration filter explosion by reducing the explosion pressure inside the filter and cutting off the explosion from adjacent equipment.

Explosion protection for aspiration systems

Explosion risk analysis (ATEX audit)

Expert explosion safety audit of your plant for compliance with ATEX and industry standards.

Explosion risk analysis (ATEX audit)

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