Dust explosion protection in Europe

In February 2020, our experts once again visited RSBP spol s.r.o. in Ostrava in the east of the Czech Republic. The purpose of the visit was to provide specialist training on the installation and maintenance of explosion protection devices that we offer our customers as part of explosion protection projects. For one week, our leading engineers provided theoretical and practical training, as well as demonstrations of the explosion protection devices on the training ground and the manufacturing process in the production area.

RSBP spol s.r.o. ensures all stages of the production cycle independently. Development, testing, production and certification testing are all localised on one site. We are confident in the quality and reliability of explosion protection devices produced by RSBP spol s.r.o. This is also confirmed by many years of experience with their products and the trust of world industry leaders.

During the training the following topics were explained in detail:

  • connection and configuration of the HRD system,
  • programming of the CONEX controllers,
  • testing of system components during commissioning. Having successfully passed the final certification, our specialists were the only ones in Russia who received personal certificates giving the official opportunity to carry out service maintenance and connection of RSBP spol s.r.o. equipment.

We are constantly working on extending the list of competences and increasing the level of technical expertise in the field of protection of technological equipment against explosions of dust-air mixtures in order to guarantee our customers a high quality of technical solutions, confidence in the result and compliance of their production with the latest world standards.

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