Dust explosion protection in Europe

Unmatched Flexibility: HRD Extinguishing Cylinders

Unlock unparalleled flexibility and sophistication with HRD extinguishing cylinders, recognized as one of the most advanced explosion suppression systems available on the market.

Applications Across Industries

HRD cylinders excel in providing explosion protection for a diverse range of equipment units, including silos, filters, cyclones, mixers, drying plants, and pelleting machines, operating in environments with flammable substances at explosive concentration levels. They are meticulously engineered to safeguard processing equipment units, vessels, and ductwork containing class ST1 to ST3 particulate matter, gases, and hybrid mixtures across all industrial sectors.

Cutting Edge Features

Each HRD fire suppression cylinder contains powder. Is equipped with a safety seal underneath housing a trigger system that quickly breaks the seal. When activated by a control unit signal the trigger mechanism releases the powder, towards the equipment within milliseconds with the cylinder emptying in a fraction of a second. These cylinders are designed for use in temperatures ranging from 20°C to +70°C.

Safety Certification

HRD fire suppression cylinders are approved for use in environments both inside and outside protected equipment zones. Meeting safety standards these cylinders provide protection against explosive incidents.

Innovative Explosion Suppression Technology

Discover our flash explosion suppression system integrated into HRD fire suppression cylinders. This state of the art technology enhances explosion prevention measures adding a layer of safety, to settings.

At ATEX.CENTER we guarantee that our HRD fire suppression cylinders meet the requirements set by the ATEX regulations, which are designed to comply with the safety standards, in Europe for equipment utilized in environments that may pose explosion risks. Count on us, at ATEX.CENTER to prioritize your safety by providing state of the art solutions that safeguard both your resources and your workforce through technologies and specialized knowledge.


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