Dust explosion protection in Europe


Calculation of explosion protection devices and explosion protection solution for a pellet-production unit at a woodworking plant.

When building a pellet plant in a wood processing plant, the client needed to install finished product hoppers for shipment of pellets to rail and road transport. The project engineers were aware of the explosion hazard of wood dust and asked our specialists for help in calculating and designing the explosion protection for the hoppers.


Having obtained all the necessary baseline data, ATEX.CENTER calculated the required blast release area, determining that the explosion could be released into the safe area. The technical solution was to install PUSM reusable vent doors to safely release the explosion pressure. When the pressure in the tanks rises above Pstat 0.05 bar, the explosion door is opened and the overpressure is released into the environment.

This solution will safely release explosion pressure from hoppers and protect production from long downtime in the event of an explosion and personnel from possible injury.

The result

The hopper manufacturer purchased the proposed explosion protection components - the PUSM reusable ventilation doors - and integrated them into his equipment according to the installation plans we issued.

The cooperation of the end customer, the hoppers manufacturer and ATEX.CENTER promptly provided the customer with an effective and cost-effective solution, which resulted in safe for operation explosion-protected storage tanks for finished products.


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