Dust explosion protection in Europe


To assess the risk of dust explosion at the site and to bring the equipment into compliance with all applicable safety regulations.

The client approached us during the construction phase of an elevator complex. During the installation process, the company's engineers noticed that the blast pressure relief valves from the elevator were located in areas where personnel could be present and questioned the safety of the plant.

Results of the comprehensive audit

During the assessment of dust explosion hazards at the site, a number of non-compliances were identified:

  • The explosion pressure relief valves at the noryi are not certified in accordance with applicable regulations and are located in the movement areas of personnel and therefore there is a high risk of serious injury to personnel;
  • Aspiration filters are not fitted with the necessary explosion protection and will be completely destroyed by an explosion, which will result in additional costs and injuries to staff.
  • The waste storage bins installed do not have the necessary explosion protection and would be completely destroyed by an explosion, which would also result in loss of life and possible injury to personnel.


Based on the results of the audit, ATEX.CENTER proposed the following measures:

  • Installation of Flex R4 flame arresters on bucket elevators, complete with certified VMP D explosion pressure relief diaphragms;
  • Replacement of the design aspiration filters with explosion-proof filters, which will be completed with certified VMP SU explosion pressure relief diaphragms, and the filters installed indoors with Flex F2 flame arresters;
  • Installation of VMP F rupture discs on the already installed waste bins.

The results

The client accepted the proposed measures and changes to the project, resulting in:

  1. The elevator has been brought into full compliance with current legislation and the blast pressure release is completely safe for personnel.
  2. The timely decision to replace the design aspiration filters with explosion-proof filters eliminated the need for further upgrading and made the operation of the aspiration systems safe for equipment and personnel.
  3. The waste bins are brought into compliance with the applicable standards, their operation is fully safe and all possible consequences of an explosion are excluded.

In the design and construction of agricultural facilities, a dust explosion hazard assessment is always necessary in order to minimise the possible consequences of a grain dust explosion and prevent material and human losses.


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