Explosion protection of chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Get a technical solution for protection against dust explosions during the storage and processing of combustible free-flowing raw materials
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Technological processes at the enterprises of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are accompanied by the formation of dust-air mixtures, while many chemical components are combustible and explosive in dispersed form.

During the processing particles of free-flowing materials are dispersed into the air and create a dust-air mixture with explosive concentrations of combustible dust.

The occurrence of an ignition source near such an explosive mixture leads to an explosion that can have a devastating effect on equipment and pose a health hazard to employees.

The main technological processes associated with explosive concentrations of combustible dusts:

– transportation of free-flowing ingredients (pneumatic or mechanical systems);
– dust-exhaust processes (cyclone separators, filter units, etc.);
– storage, sampling, weighing and dosing of free-flowing materials (silos, bunkers, scales, etc.);
– mechanical separation or mixing of materials and ingredients (mills, crushers, etc.).

Some types of pharmaceutical dust are harmful to human health and extremely explosive. Therefore, special attention is paid to installation of air duct and dust-exhaust systems at chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Such systems must fully comply with the requirements of good manufacturing practices and be equipped with devices preventing explosions and fire events.
Also, one of the significant factors in deciding whether to implement an explosion protection system (in addition to the safety of employees and equipment) is the safety of raw materials, which can be very expensive in this industry.

Solutions for the safety of your production


A turnkey explosion protection system for industrial equipment of chemical and pharmaceutical industries

The whole range of works on the explosion protection of your production starting from the analysis of the explosion hazard of the facility to the integration and commissioning of the explosion protection system.

Explosion protection of dust-exhaust systems

Solution for production safety in the event of an explosion of the venting filter by reducing the pressure of the explosion inside the filter and isolating the explosion from adjacent equipment.


Explosion protection of pneumatic transport systems

Systems for production safety and explosion prevention in adjacent pieces of equipment using an HRD barrier or a GATEX quick-acting slide valve.

Explosion protection of vessels and bunkers

Explosion protection solution for bunkers, silos and other vessels by pressure venting and explosion suppression, as well as protection of related equipment by explosion isolation.


ATEX audit

An expert explosion safety audit of your production for compliance with ATEX standards and industry standards.

Dust explosion hazard assessment

Explosion protection documentation analysis and development (EPD/DHA audit), dust explosion hazard analysis studies with individual step-by-step assessment approach.


Our knowledge of ATEX, as well as many years of our European partners’ experience, allow us to offer you products and solutions for explosion protection that will comply with the best practices in ensuring occupational health and safety, taking into account all the features of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our team has successful experience in explosion protection of vessels, dust-exhaust and pneumatic transport systems at production facilities. You can find more details about the projects in the Projects section.

Our team has successful experience in explosion protection of vessels, dust-exhaustand pneumatic transport systems at production facilities. You can find more details about the projects in the Projects section.



Labour safety improvement, personnel life and health protection


Protection of property and process equipment from destruction


Elimination of long production downtimes


Damage and economic loss risks reduction

Do not risk your life because of the explosion of dust-air mixtures!

The consequences can be avoided.

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