Explosion Protection Documents (EPD)

Audit of production for compliance with the requirements of ATEX standards
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The purpose of the explosion safety analysis is to identify the hazards associated with the presence of combustible dust and explosive dust atmosphere in the production site, as well as to develop measures to protect equipment and personnel from dust explosions.
Explosion safety analysis includes the following main components:

  • Identification of hazards based on the characteristics of substances handled in production
  • Determination of the quantity and probability of an explosive atmosphere formation
  • Identification of possible ignition sources
  • Determination of potential explosion effects
  • Risk definition
  • Risk mitigation measures

What do we offer


The experience and competence of our ATEX auditors


Our auditors are engineers directly involved in the development of technical solutions in the field of ATEX


Support of Czech partners who are a manufacturer of explosion protection equipment and an expert in the field of explosion protection and fire extinguishing in Europe


A complete report on risks analysis and measures to reduce them, taking into account all the features of your production lines

Steps for explosion safety analysis conducting:

Step 1

Collection and processing of data on the technological process and equipment

Step 2

Assessment of ignitability and flammability of substances involved in the technological process

Step 3

Risk analysis of the formation of explosive dust atmospheres in the technological process and equipment

Step 4

Ignition risk analysis from active sources

Step 5

Classification of explosion-hazard areas

Step 6

Assessment of requirements to electrical equipment located in explosion-hazard areas

Step 7

Preparation of report with analysis results and recommendations on technical and organizational measures aimed at reducing the identified risks

An integrated approach to testing, selection of methods, processing and presentation of results ensures the reliability and adequacy of the information received. Using the information base of the test centre makes it possible to carry out an individual approach to each customer’s problems.

The introduction of modern certified test methods, measuring instruments, the use of modern equipment, and improvement of work organization allows us to guarantee the customer the prompt execution of work.

Benefits of working with us


European experience

ATEX.CENTER is the official partner of RSBP Company (Czech Republic) – manufacturer of explosion protection systems


Expert advice

We provide support on any issues of explosion protection of technological equipment and are always ready to offer a solution


Qualified personnel

Our engineers are certified specialists in the field of explosion protection systems operation and maintenance


Focus on clients

Development of individual technical solutions, flexible terms and reasonable pricing policy

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