Dust lab tests

study of the combustible dust characteristics from your production
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Laboratory testing of the dust is necessary to determine the ignitability and combustibility characteristics appropriate to the particular type of dust handled in the production site. These characteristics are used in the risk analysis of explosive dust atmosphere formation and are the basis for the selection of explosion protection technical solutions.

Usually, tests include:

  • Laboratory analysis of dust to determine parameters such as degree of dispersion, humidity, smouldering temperature, ignition temperature, etc.
  • A series of experimental explosions in the blasting chamber

What do we offer


We will arrange sampling and delivery of dust samples to the laboratory


We will define all the characteristics of combustible dust


We will conduct a series of experimental dust explosions


We will provide a dust explosion hazard report and give recommendations on risk reduction

Due to our cooperation with leading Russian and foreign research institutes in the field of explosion safety, we can offer you to submit dust samples from production for testing and determining the explosion hazard of the substance handled specifically at your production site.

Laboratory tests determine the limits of flame propagation through air suspension – the main parameter that affects the explosion hazard of dust circulating within the technological process.

Stages of work

Step 1

Sampling of dust

Step 2

Delivery of dust samples to the laboratory

Step 3

Characterization of combustible dust

Step 4

Conducting experimental dust explosions to confirm characteristics and parameters

Step 5

Providing a dust explosion hazard report with recommendations on risk reduction

For a specific dust sample these parameters are determined in a special blasting chamber, for which a series of experimental explosions is carried out.

If necessary, testing of the dust mixture can be carried out on the basis of testing ground of RSBP Company, Czech Republic.

Benefits of working with us


European experience

ATEX.CENTER is the official partner of RSBP Company (Czech Republic) – manufacturer of explosion protection systems


Expert advice

We provide support on any issues of explosion protection of technological equipment and are always ready to offer a solution


Qualified personnel

our engineers are certified specialists in the field of explosion protection systems operation and maintenance


Focus on clients

Development of individual technical solutions, flexible terms and reasonable pricing policy

The result of the study is a report containing the following data:

  • lower explosion limit of flame propagation through air suspension (LEL);
  • upper explosion limit of flame propagation through air suspension (UEL);
  • maximum explosion pressure (Рmax);
  • maximum rate of explosion pressure rise (dp/dt)max;
  • Dust Explosion Description Number (Кst).

This feature set is sufficient for a full risk assessment and selection of explosion protection equipment. If necessary, the list of studied characteristics can be expanded.

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