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The HRD system detects an explosion in the equipment at the earliest stage using highly sensitive detectors and effectively suppresses it by introducing a fire extinguisher.

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Product Description

HRD-system (High Rate Discharge) consists of three main components: explosion detectors, HRD container unit and control unit CONEX.

The emergence and propagation of a dust-air mixture explosion within equipment is accompanied by a sharp pressure increase and infrared radiation. Depending on the operating conditions, the HRD system is equipped with pressure or optical detectors that transmit an alarm signal to the control unit CONEX when an incipient explosion is detected. The control unit processes the received signal and, based on the software installed, sends an activation signal to the HRD container unit in the explosion detected area.

The efficiency of the system is determined by its low response time – no more than 60 ms elapses from the moment of explosion detection to the induction of fire extinguisher. During this time, the pressure and temperature of the explosion do not have time to reach dangerous values for equipment and personnel.

The control unit CONEX is equipped with a display for indicating the system status and service mode switches. The control unit has a wide range of possibilities for integration into enterprise automation systems. The built-in rechargeable battery guarantees at least 4 hours of autonomous operation of the system in the event of power outages.


  • Reliable and efficient technology
  • Applicable for most technological processes and handled substances
  • Does not require design changes of protected equipment
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Explosion products are contained within the confines of equipment
  • Possibility of system flexible configuration and tuning
  • Easy to install
  • Quick and easy replacement of components after actuation